One to One Coaching

Often the most effective way to coach, one on one coaching can help you with both personal and professionals goals. These sessions can take place either in person at our clinic, via telephone or via Skype. Your initial session will be 60minutes, and you will have some preparatory work to complete before this. During this session, you’ll work with your coach to identify your current challenges, goals, and how coaching can best support you.
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Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a way to work towards your aspirations alongside other like minded professionals in a safe, non-judgemental environment. These group sessions are useful to bounce ideas off others, pass on your own personal experiences and receive additional peer mentoring support as well as coaching towards your goals. 

In-House Workshops

In-house workshops are great for those with an established team, where you might have specific issues that you want addressed, or a team of people who could all benefit from learning key coaching skills.

These can be half or full day workshops that take place at your clinic.


These sessions differ to coaching in that direct advice may be given. These are suited for those who require guidance and support to advance professional development and implement practice goals. You might choose to have mentoring and coaching sessions, with ongoing support available in between full sessions if required. The choice is yours!

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