Coaching skills for health care professionals

Our flagship online training course is available now and will be open again for submissions soon.

Designed to meet the standards outlined in the NHS Health Coaching Quality Framework, this blended learning online course covers key topics such as motivational interviewing, effective goal setting, supportive challenge, shared agenda setting, listening skills, rapport building and so much more.

One of the biggest challenges you may experience as a clinician is patient adherence. By adapting your language and asking the right questions – you can improve outcomes from care, reduce your stress and so much more.

Enrolment opens again shortly. 

Are you ready to empower your patients and change the conversation?

The course in a nutshell

Health coaching and motivational interviewing online training course.

Enrolment in the course will give you 6-months access to:

  • 20+ online video and text based lectures on core coaching and motivational interviewing competencies and skills to implement in clinical practice

  • 10-13 hours of CPD – depending on your chosen package.

  • Live group coaching webinars on core topics and competencies to implement learning and review skills.

  • Hot seat Q&A Mastermind sessions (Deluxe access only)

  • Growing library of downloadable resources, audio walkthroughs, patient templates and more.

  • Module quizzes to check progress and learning.

  • Coaching and Motivational Interviewing Questions eBook (Premium and Deluxe packages)

  • CPD Certificate of completion

See FAQ below for further details.

Your Investment

We have three options to choose from to suit a variety of CPD budgets, prices start at £510 for the standard access package.

Ready to begin training?

“When I turned to Rhiannon at Oakley Coaching, I was lacking a bit of “get up and go” and felt a little bit stuck and unproductive. Coaching accelerated me to where I felt prepared to step up to be the Principal Chiropractor I wanted to be. My aim was to have an associate working for me within a year or more. Incidentally, after my first coaching session a potential associate contacted me and Rhiannon supported me through this and most recently the process of finding and hiring my new CA. I’ve welcomed the development of my role as a chiropractor and mentor for my new associate and am pleased to have created a structured, supportive environment for them to work in. I’ve learn’t that whatever you want to do in life, you’ve got to work hard, smart, and put the graft in. Coaching has ignited a new momentum in me and I’ve learned if I achieve something each day, no matter how small, it becomes easier to stay motivated and stay on the path I’ve set out for myself.

I feel proud each time I walk into my clinic and see my previously unused treatment room looking smart, I see my associates busy diary, and I hear her working in the clinic with me- it’s very satisfying! Coaching has given me the work life balance that I wanted- I’m more involved in my family and less worried about work whilst at home, I’ve stopped procrastinating and no longer let my own worries overwhelm me. Since working with Rhiannon I have a better picture of my end goal and what it is I’m ultimately trying to achieve with all this hard work. Now I’m off on holiday to spend some well deserved time off knowing that my clinic and patients are well taken care of.

Incidentally, my golfing handicap has also improved!”

Simon Delany BA(Hons) M(Chiro) DC, LRCC. Chiropractor UK St Ives Chiropractic

Benefits of coaching skills

recent study by V. Woodhead found ten themes to identify why coaching is effective:

Improve time management utilising shared-agenda to setting techniques.

Build rapport quickly; understanding and appreciating patients, including their challenges and constraints.

Coaching conversations build trust allowing patients to open up, be sensitively challenged and address uncomfortable issues within goal setting.

Learn how to listen effectively in a non-judgmental way.  This helps the patient/clinician develop a deeper understanding and awareness of each other.

Coaching helps patients see beyond the mask to show the human side of the professional, removing barriers, and revealing concerns. This can create an enormous shift in perception throughout the relationship.

With improved focus and clarity of shared goals, conversations with a coaching approach helps bring issues to the forefront, helping to prioritise problems and health risks.

With a deeper sense of trust, patients have a firmer belief that the clinician will act in their best interests, resulting in more collaborative, interactive decision making.

Open and sustainable conversations help the clinician and patient deepen respect for each other.

How does coaching work?

Chances are every health professional, chiropractor, dentist, nurse, GP, surgeon, health care assistant, or even your veterinarian went into health care because they wanted to care for and help others to make a difference in their lives. If that’s you, keep on reading…

Read more about the evidence for coaching

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