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We are Oakley Coaching, accredited coaches and healthcare professionals who specialise in supporting practitioners working in both private practice and the NHS.

The Confident Clinicians’ Academy has been developed to provide the very best in coaching and motivational interviewing skills via a unique online self-led course to help your students prepare themselves for clinical practice.

We recognise that the pressure on the undergraduate curricula presents challenges to course leaders. Personal experience and peer feedback tell us that coaching and motivational interviewing skills are essential for managing patient interactions effectively.

Recognising the need for an innovative solution, we have developed a practical course based on our extensive work and current experience that will enhance students ability to communicate with the patient and improve patient outcomes.
The NHS have identified health coaching as part of their long term plan, we want to support leading institutions like yourselves produce students who are already trained and confident in using these skills.

Begin by downloading the leaflet below with further details of the course and who you’ll be working with. Then we welcome you to watch a demonstration video of the course from a students point of view.
Please see more details below.

View the course from a students perspective

The course in a nutshell

Our flagship course, Health Coaching and Motivational Interviewing Skills for Healthcare Professionals supports students in private practice with:

  • Blended learning online course and training.
  • Clearly defined objectives and learning outcomes.
  • Live group coaching workshops and webinars.
  • Designed to meet the NHS Health Coaching Quality Standards Framework.
  • Meets ECCE Standards for skills, attitudes and knowledge for competent practice.
  • Meets IFOMPT Educational Standards In Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy
  • Covers key topics such as motivational interviewing, OARS skills, effective goal setting, listening skills, shared agenda setting, empowering patients, rapport building and so much more.
  • Additional resources and worksheets to use with patients.
  • Personal goal setting for students.
  • Quizzes after each module to consolidate learning.
  • Opportunities for reflective practice.

Further support for students:

  • Provides integration of self-directed learning in the curriculum
  • Learning these skills earlier will help students careers in the long term, elevating the professions
  • Opportunities to cross-professional learning and networking with other course students 
  • Near real-time feedback from instructors in the discussions area
  • Opportunities for reflective practice to help with their reflections in student portfolios

Benefits for your institution:

  • With pressures on your curriculum the course is designed to be self-directed learning providing value for money by saving you lecturers time, lecture room scheduling and time in the busy curriculum.
  • Using this enhanced course can help students get set up for a lifetime of continued learning and patient-centred best practice. 
  • From personal experience and speaking with established practitioners we recognised there is a real need for further learning in this area for all new graduates.
  • This course will enhance students ability to communicate effectively and improve patient outcomes.
  • We can provide feedback to your institution from students on their experience in clinic
  • We can demonstrate student improvement through feedback and reflective exercises

Daniel Heritage

MChiro MSc PgCert CertEd DC FRCC

Chiropractic Clinic Lead, AECC University College

“Oakley Coaching provided insightful and invaluable training to our students and faculty members on the topic of LGBTQ+ healthcare within the scope of chiropractic. The feedback we have received has been exceptionally positive. Our students commented on their warm and engaging style of presentation with a professional approach to sensitive questions that created an open and respectful environment. We hope to welcome Philippa and Rhiannon back to AECC University College to ensure this important knowledge is available to future year groups.”

Further details

Health coaching skills have been included as part of the NHS Long Term Plan, indicating that they are becoming recognised as an essential prerequisite of training for healthcare professionals. 

Motivational Interviewing skills have been utilised for many years to support behaviour change. As such, formalising student training in these skills can be invaluable in creating invaluable patient interactions, to ensure career longevity and the success of their practice.

This course is written to address the problems that are most frequently encountered in clinical practice for manual therapists, including why patients don’t take action, how to identify unmotivated patients and what to do about it, overcoming persistent negative thinking, managing multiple concerns in a limited appointment time, and so much more.

Setting the standard for online learning

Written by clinicians, for clinicians, this course has been independently reviewed by senior educators to ensure it meets the high standards required of online clinical training.

In addition, it meets the requirements for online training as outlined by the NHS Health Coaching Quality Framework.

The course is designed to be accessible to everyone by utilising a blended learning approach to suit the majority of learning preferences.

There are opportunities to join in group discussions to receive near real-time feedback from instructors, in addition to cross-professional collaboration and networking with other allied healthcare practitioners. Live group webinars reinforce key skills and competencies.

Content is reviewed to meet and exceed the ECCE (European Council on Chiropractic Education) standards of accreditation.

This course is written to address the problems that are most frequently encountered in clinical practice for manual therapists, including why patients don’t take action, how to identify unmotivated patients and what to do about it, overcoming persistent negative thinking, managing multiple concerns in a limited appointment time, and so much more.

Why work with us

You’ll be working with a small family business founded by two gay female entrepreneurs, proudly showing their daughter what empowered women can achieve.

Our mission is to enable healthcare professionals to have better conversations with their patients, improve patient satisfaction and outcomes from care whilst reducing stress levels and burnout in clinicians. It is our ambition to elevate the skillset of all healthcare professionals and ensure person-centred care becomes standard practice for all.

All our training is based online, saving all the normal associated costs. We pass these savings onto you and reinvest the rest in innovation and advanced development.

We also give generously to charities close to our hearts including; ARC Antenatal Results & Choices, Neuroblastoma UK, Blood Cancer UK, The Red Foundation (Spinal care for Dachshunds), Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance: ARMA, and many more.

Your investment

Help prepare your students for a lifetime of self-directed learning.

We invite you to watch this video taking you through the course as a student.

We offer preferential rates for educational institutions from £408.00 per student. If you wish for clinical staff to also gain access to the course or have similar training please contact us for further information. 

Download the Health Coaching and Motivational Interviewing Skills for Healthcare Professionals Course Contents.

Student Testimonials



Can’t recommend Oakley Coaching enough! Philippa and Rhiannon are experts in the world of coaching and have helped me over the years in so many ways. Not just in practice but personally also. I am so happy that they have finally put everything they know into a course that we can use to hone our skills. I’ve just started it and I can tell you straight away it doesn’t disappoint. It’s clear, easy to follow and full of unbelievably useful information that is going to make my communication skills in practice much more effective. I’m excited to find out what the rest of the course will bring.


Where is the course hosted?

We host our course on a separate platform specially designed to host and manage course content like this. We choose this platform due to its functionality, resilience plan and reporting system. As part of our resilience plan we also have copies of the content stored on our servers. 

How many students can you host?

We can host thousands of students at any one moment.

The standard student rate on the premium package is £408.00 for undergraduates, please contact us for further details on institution preferential rates. 

How do I know students have completed the learning?

Students are required to pass each module with a 80% pass rate on module quizzes. Questions are taken from a randomised question bank. There is also a final quiz for students to receive their certificate.

Students are required to watch 100% of the video lessons so they cannot skip through this content. 

The course is designed sequentially, so new lessons will appear once each lesson has been completed. Students can also see how much of the course they have completed on the main menu. This can be quite motivating. 

Which package do students do?

We recommend the premium package for all students as this give them the best resources to aid them in their development at this stage.

We also suggest students begin learning these skills in just before working with patients directly so they can begin practicing and putting these communication techniques in a real life setting with support from lecturers and our instructors. 

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Oakley Coaching are LGBTQ+ Friendly business. You can complete our training to become competent in LGBTQ+ healthcare too.

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