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Do all of your practice members share the same vision for the clinic?

One of the biggest issues we see is that practitioners are not necessarily skilled practice leaders.

You’re taught to care for patients, not run a business, yet the career progression for many practitioners is to work as an associate before setting up your own clinic. The next step is to take on associates of your own. It’s important to make time to learn leadership and communication skills along the way to help you progress.

If your future plans include a clinic of your own you may already be aware that varying clinic shifts and busy diaries mean the principal practitioner and associates are rarely in the same room together. By hosting a bespoke in-house workshop we can help your team overcome the challenges facing your practice and build better communication between members of your team.

Workshop Structure

These workshops are entirely bespoke to the needs of your practice

An example workshop may include some or all of the following elements:

  • Identify your team members’ preferred communication styles

  • Align the entire team with your practice goals

  • Learn how to constructively and sensitively work through conflict

  • Improve the patient experience throughout the clinic

  • Communicating with clients – creating a culture of patients who return and refer their friends and family to you

During these workshops, we often spend time mapping out the clinical and non-clinical patient journey. It is therefore important that both clinical and non-clinical staff attend so that these processes can be cohesive and ensure the patient journey flows smoothly throughout all aspects of the practice. This ensures the patient experience is smoother and results in reviews and testimonials for your clinic.

Your Investment

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