The Impact of Coaching

As medicine has moved away from doctor-centered care towards patient-centered, so management has moved away from the “command and control” approach which was so damaging to engagement and motivation. Through working with a coach, you will develop certain coaching skills yourself, the impact of which can be significant.

  • Help your team manage workloads and prioritise
    Coaching can help identify the root cause of issues that may be impacting on time management and productivity, then present a solution to overcome these. Managers and practice principals can coach their team to maintain their focus on the key priorities and work on the things that matter most.

  • Improve team engagement
    Teams are made up of individuals, with their own personalities and preferred communication styles. Through coaching, you’ll learn to better identify how to connect and engage with your team members by listening, responding, and valuing their talents. These are attributes that build loyalty, motivation and engagement.

  • Build teams that unite around a shared goal
    Open, honest conversations help teams learn how to receive and respond to advice. Coaching can facilitate communication, helping your team collaborate in new and more effective ways. In addition, by becoming more aware of how you communicate as an individual, you’ll be able to make better choices in how you work and interact with others.

  • Nurture and develop talent
    Coaching helps individuals think on their own and work proactively to solve their own problems, meaning that over time they become more self-reliant. Through developing their own initiative and leadership skills the whole team can tackle challenging issues and solve problems more effectively, instead of relying on managers or practice principals. This frees up time for managers to address more strategic issues.

  • A company culture that embraces change
    When teams communicate effectively, they are better placed to collaborate and encourage each other about key habits and behaviors they want to see in each other. With managers and principals who welcome and encourage change, the mentality flows throughout the company, allowing all tiers to adopt their own insights about how to model and welcome change.

“When I turned to Rhiannon at Oakley Coaching, I was lacking a bit of “get up and go” and felt a little bit stuck and unproductive. Coaching accelerated me to where I felt prepared to step up to be the Principal Chiropractor I wanted to be. My aim was to have an associate working for me within a year or more. Incidentally, after my first coaching session a potential associate contacted me and Rhiannon supported me through this and most recently the process of finding and hiring my new CA. I’ve welcomed the development of my role as a chiropractor and mentor for my new associate and am pleased to have created a structured, supportive environment for them to work in. I’ve learn’t that whatever you want to do in life, you’ve got to work hard, smart, and put the graft in. Coaching has ignited a new momentum in me and I’ve learned if I achieve something each day, no matter how small, it becomes easier to stay motivated and stay on the path I’ve set out for myself.

I feel proud each time I walk into my clinic and see my previously unused treatment room looking smart, I see my associates busy diary, and I hear her working in the clinic with me- it’s very satisfying! Coaching has given me the work life balance that I wanted- I’m more involved in my family and less worried about work whilst at home, I’ve stopped procrastinating and no longer let my own worries overwhelm me. Since working with Rhiannon I have a better picture of my end goal and what it is I’m ultimately trying to achieve with all this hard work. Now I’m off on holiday to spend some well deserved time off knowing that my clinic and patients are well taken care of.

Incidentally, my golfing handicap has also improved!”

Simon Delany BA(Hons) M(Chiro) DC, LRCC. Chiropractor UK St Ives Chiropractic

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