Is the profession what you thought it was?

It's not uncommon for new graduates to feel overwhelmed after graduation, as you enter a profession riddled with conflict and politics. Not only that, you might be starting a patient base from scratch, or taking over from a highly experienced former associate.

We can help make the transition from new graduate to confident professional as smooth as possible, coaching you through what can be an emotionally difficult period and identify the goals you'd like to achieve during your first few years in practice.

If you've been in practice for a few years, you might be feeling jaded or falling out of love with the profession, trading your own time for clinic and worrying about sacrificing income in favour of an improved work-life balance. Stop daydreaming through life waiting for things to change, and instead create your vision for success and most importantly- know what it is you need to do to get there.

Build your patient base

We work exclusively with ethical, patient-centred chiropractors.

Do you notice feast-and-famine in your clinic diary? You're not alone. So much of building a patient base relies on the way in which we communicate with patients, and our choice of language can have a huge impact on their outcomes from care. Effective communication is both art and science combined, and this is often overlooked during your formal training. As part of your coaching programme, you'll learn specific questioning techniques which can be used in clinic to immediately affect your patient communications, build rapport, and ethically create a patient base of engaged, motivated people.

Improve your outcomes from care

During your coaching sessions, you'll learn some coaching skills yourself which will help you instigate behaviour change in your patients. You'll feel able to empower and motivate them to take a ownership of their healthcare and develop accountability for their own healthcare decisions.

Manage your stress

Have you ever left clinic at the end of the day feeling overwhelmed?

You're not alone. Psychotherapists have mandatory supervision to help manage their mental health. Chiropractors have no such support.

Through coaching, you'll learn to devise strategies, develop coping mechanisms and master communication skills to ensure you can manage the tough conversations at work and cope when your workload feels overwhelming. This keeps you positive, focussed and prepared not just for the next clinic shift, but for the rest of your professional career.