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Rhiannon and Philippa Oakley

Hi there, we’re Rhiannon and Philippa Oakley. Wife and wife team and co-owners of Oakley Coaching. We’re strategists and clinicians who work with ambitious (usually introverted) healthcare business owners to help you make life easier.

With over a decade in clinical practice ourselves, we get it. We know what it feels like to be juggling patient notes, kids swimming lessons, dealing with a business phone line that’s gone down and trying to give your patients a 5* experience all in one go.

Why choose Oakley Coaching?

A highly personalised training experience

Chances are every health professional, chiropractor, dentist, nurse, GP, surgeon, health care assistant, or even your veterinarian went into health care because they wanted to care for and help others to make a difference in their lives. If that’s you, keep on reading…

You entered your fields as well-intended, compassionate and energetic individuals. The current climate of medicine has created an environment of burnt out, stressed and marginalised providers. Could health care professionals burnout be a public health crisis? Sadly, we know this to be true. We work with primary health care providers and clinic managers so we see it and experience it for ourselves everyday.

Fortunately, in 2016 we found coaching which revolutionised our lives, and personally helped us reconnect with who we were and how we wanted to help others like us. It’s worthwhile to note, that when we first discovered coaching, we had no idea what a coach was and never envisioned that either of us would coach others, let alone design a successful business around coaching.

We now know now that a large number of health care clinicians are struggling with feelings of overwhelm, but they don’t allow themselves to acknowledge or show it. They long to reconnect with what truly matters.

Pamela Permalloo Bass

Diversity & Inclusion Director, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust

“We commissioned Philippa (Oakley Coaching) in my role as D&I Director at SHFT NHS, to lead on a transformational project to understand the experience of our LGBT+ staff & patients. From the start of the project, Philippa has been efficient, compassionate and is undertaking the project brief whilst engaging with several different internal departments. We are still mid way through the project but I can already highly recommend Philippa. She is professional, has a strong sense of integrity and deep understanding of LGBT+ alongside awareness of intersectionality.”

Proudly partnered with:

We work with all types of health care organisations, academic institutions and the NHS to deliver training on person-centred communication skills and inclusivity awareness, designed with practitioners in mind. If your organisation would like to benefit from our expertise, please contact us for more information, we would love to hear from you.

How does coaching work?

Unlike in business, coaching is relatively new to the world of medicine. 

As health care professionals, you are trained in the medical model, and your reflex is that “psychological issues” are referred to talking therapies.

I know that most health care providers are unaware of what coaching is, therefore, through no fault of their own, they do not recommend coaching to their patients and are sometimes slow to open up to being coached themselves. That’s why you’re here, asking questions…

Most coaches tell you that the best way to explain coaching to someone is to coach them. In my experience, I simply ask two questions for their first taste in coaching, try it now with me:

“How satisfied are you with your life right now on a scale of 1-10?” Got your number? Great, now consider: “How satisfied do you want to be?” The majority of clients look at me like I’m utterly insane and unanimously answer, “I’m miserable,” or “I’m not satisfied at all,” or “I cannot wait to retire!” And when they answer how satisfied they wish to be, they say, “Way more satisfied than I am now!” or “Anything would be better.”

Coaching bridges that gap between where you are now and where you want to be (even if you don’t know what that looks like yet!), my job is to be the catalyst for positive change and to keep you on the right track, help create balance in your life or achieve something you never thought possible. 

Now imagine you could do that for your patients?

Ways we can help you

Online training

The Confident Clinicians Academy contains curated training to support you in developing your communication and business skills. No stress, easy-access CPD courses from 2 hours to more in-depth training.

EDI consultancy

Specialist in LGBTQ+ Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity consultancy for larger organisations: policy development, diversity strategy, community and staff engagement projects.


Experienced clinicians, coaches and mentors.

Rhiannon and Philippa Oakley are leading authorities and internationally renowned speakers in inclusive health care and communication skills for healthcare professionals and organisations. 

The team at Oakley Coaching provide inclusive leadership training, private coaching, business mentoring and LGBTQ+ EDI consultancy services for healthcare organisations of all sizes.

All our trainers believe that effective, patient-centred communication is the cornerstone of excellent healthcare. We are passionate about supporting individuals and organisations to improve and empower their interactions with patients. 

Alison Dantas

MA, CEC, C. Dir., CCA CEO 

Canadian Chiropractic Association

“The CCA is pleased to collaborate with Oakley Coaching to offer this innovative course to members across Canada. Our aim with our diversity, equity and inclusion strategy is to foster an inclusive and accepting culture, confront discrimination and be more aware and responsive to the needs of diverse groups. We continually look at new courses and training that would benefit our members and felt this course would be a valuable and important addition to our offering.” 

Ricky Somal

Deputy Director of Organisational Development and Inclusion
Isle of Wight NHS Trust

“An outstanding learning and development session today from Oakley Coaching to empower Isle of Wight NHS Trust to deliver quality improvement in transforming outcomes for our LGBTQ+ Island community.

This LGBTQ+ development seminar was one of the best I have come across. Thank you so much for your time and expertise, the feedback has been phenomenal.

Absolutely and strongly recommend your services to any organisation.”


Communication skills training creates a lasting positive impact, personally and professionally.

Begin learning with us today

How to Coach your Patients ebook

Transform your communications skills – our ebook provides you with evidence-based and easy to understand information that you can use straight away.

LGBTQ+ Key Considerations for Canadian Clinicians Course

For Canadian Clinicians: The LGBTQ+ community have specific healthcare needs and specific barriers to accessing healthcare. Start your training today…

Katie Bond

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Education, Training and Development (ETD)

Isle of Wight NHS Trust

“The Oakley Coaching seminar was warmly received and the feedback has been fantastic. It’s without doubt put LGBTQ+ healthcare firmly on our agenda and we can use the recording as an ongoing resource, which will help us continue on our journey to become a CQC ‘Outstanding’ organisation. 

I think having the expertise of Philippa has helped us all to address the subject with confidence. With the addition of Oakley Coaching’s lived-experience and Philippa being a healthcare professional herself really validates the training and gives a far deeper insight into the issues our LGBT+ community have experienced.

We have an exciting ongoing project with Rhiannon and Philippa to continue to improve the experience we provide to our LGBT+ patients, our staff and our Island Community.  I’m looking forward to expanding on our learning and training with Oakley Coaching.”

Catherine Quinn

British Chiropractic Association

“We invited Rhiannon and Philippa to speak at the BCA Autumn conference after seeing their seminar at the COPA series in London. We pride ourselves on the quality of speakers and CPD we provide to our members and Oakley Coaching delivered a highly professional and informative talk with captivating stories from clinical practice. 
Our members commented that their presentation was full of valuable content that would be of enormous benefit to them, and we would be pleased to invite Oakley Coaching to speak at future BCA events. The BCA is always proud to see our members achieving in various ways and we are delighted to see Philippa and Rhiannon delivering such high quality CPD.”

Why choose Oakley Coaching?

A highly personalised training experience

At the heart of everything we do is inclusive communication: not only do we provide a myriad of options to train with us as individual practitioners, we love to work with large organisations to develop specific training solutions for teams.

We’ve trained thousands of clinicians in communication skills, worked with groups and large organisations developing training and providing consultancy services, and have work with motivated entrepreneurs to develop and grow their clinics, create passive income and a lifestyle they truly love.

We have over 20+ years combined experience working in healthcare as clinicians and within small businesses providing strategy and consultancy services.

Dr. Ayla Azad, DC


Canadian Chiropractic Association

“We wanted to help provide training to members who wish to create inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ patients. By taking the time to complete this training, clinicians will be better equipped to provide enhanced patient care in their offices. Understanding the needs of the LGBTQ+ community through continuing education will help clinicians continue to create safe spaces for all.” 

Dr Rob Finch

Royal College of Chiropractors

“Philippa Oakley delivered a seminar for members of the Royal College of Chiropractors focusing on communicating with patients in pain, incorporating health coaching and motivational interviewing techniques. We were pleased to be able to facilitate a seminar on this topic for our members given the importance of incorporating these skills into patient care. The feedback from our delegates was that the event was highly engaging and informative, with skills that were relevant and immediately applicable to practice.”

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