Coaching is a dynamic process between you and your coach that helps you achieve incredible results. It is so much more than simply setting and achieving goals, instead it focusses on lifelong learning, self-development, and raising awareness of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour that can help (or hinder) your success.

Working with us, you’ll develop skills that are applicable to all areas of your life. It’s not just your professional performance that will change. You’ll notice changes and achieve goals in every area of your life. Family relationships, personal or social life, finances, physical environment and health factors can be affected.

What makes us different?

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We offer a highly personalised coaching experience where you’ll receive consistency and consideration whenever you contact us. When you choose to coach with us, you won’t be passed around a team. Instead you’ll work with two people who know you, know how you practice and are completely focussed on helping you achieve your vision of success.

You’ll benefit from our years of experience in both the chiropractic profession and also in marketing, PR, and business development.  You can take your pick from any number of coaching gurus who will tell you how to run your practice. That’s not how we work. Whilst we’ve been there and know the world you work in, you’ll never hear us dictate to you how your practice should be function.

Transform your practice.
Transform your life. Let’s Go! “Coaching with Rhiannon has helped me unlock potential I never even knew I had. Her bright, positive outlook has continued to motivate me for a long time after each session and she has been professional and approachable every time I contacted her.”
– Mel McKernan

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