Group Coaching Sessions

We are also able to facilitate group coaching programmes for healthcare organisations, private clinics or larger corporations. This is a hugely popular option as group coaching creates a powerful space in which to share feelings and experiences, and learn how to better operate as a team.

health coaching individual work with us emsworth hampshire coaching life coach healthGroup coaching sessions set the stage major collaboration- and during our sessions you’ll learn how to identify the personality types within your team and work effectivelywith them, you’ll create and achieve shared goals, and you’ll receive positive feedback not only from us, but from your colleagues.

We can help:

  • Build high-performing teams with a proven contract for success
  • Gain an understanding of your team’s behaviour and motivation to facilitate cooperation
  • Maximise your efficiency as a team through time management and goal setting strategies
  • Understand how to communicate effectively as a group even when under pressure
  • Increase peer accountability to help your team execute plans and experience sustainable change.
  • Develop a shared team vision to unite, empower, and motivate

Please contact us to create your bespoke package.