Coaching tailored to chiropractors

Whether you are a new graduate, associate, or practice principal, you'll recognise that you'll never stop learning.

As a chiropractor, a conflict often exists between creating a practice that is ethical and evidence-based, but also profitable and commercially sustainable. With the rising costs of professional subscriptions, insurances, business rates and more, it can be a challenge to stay afloat in these times without resorting to offers and deals that undermine the commitment you have made to your education and self-development throughout your career.

I can teach you specific coaching skills to overcome common obstacles and help you to develop the clinic you desire.

We offer a range of services specifically tailored to chiropractors at every stage of your career whether you require personal performance coaching, mentoring or to learn coaching skills.

The Benefits

Coaching is increasingly recognised as being a key part of clinical leadership within the healthcare sector. The benefits range from greater engagement and motivation from both your practice team and your clients; increased confidence and ability to handle difficult relationships; and, in many cases, better outcomes from care and improved service delivery.

The General Medical Council recognises that coaching and mentoring skills are vital in enabling doctors to deliver effective, efficient, safe care once starting a new role.

“Coaching and mentoring are learning relationships which help people to take charge of their own development, to release their potential and to achieve results which they value “
(Connor & Pokora, 2007)

Coaching provides a flexible approach to development within a practice or team, working to support individuals and encouraging them to take greater responsibility to their own development. (Parsloe & Rolph, 2004).

Professional Anxiety Can be Mitigated

As a professional, could you achieve more if you weren’t struggling with self-confidence, fear or anxiety?

  • Anxiety can cause you to underperform in critical situations
  • It can cause intense discomfort in front of colleagues and customers
  • Worry about how you are performing can create hesitancy and awkwardness
  • Fear and anxiety can interfere with effectively presenting information in key situations
  • Worry can preoccupy attention, ruin leisure time, and stop you from enjoying life
  • In addition, it can cause significant issues with effective problem solving, costing time, effort and money
  • Anxiety, fear and doubt may prevent you from pursuing your goals

Worry and anxiety affects all of us, and it is not uncommon for healthcare professionals to find themselves overwhelmed by workload and the sheer responsibility of their professionals. Working with us, you’ll learn practical steps to combat these fears, developing skills to harness the power of your own mindset and increase your productivity and confidence levels at work.

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Practice Principals

As a practice principal managing staff, associates, and even other practitioners, working with a coach can have an enormous impact. You'll learn to identify and manage the different personality styles within your team, prioritise the numerous tasks at hand and improve your productivity. We know all-too-well the demands placed on practice owners and will work with you to create a flexible solution that meets your needs.


As an associate within a practice, you'll be keen to grow and develop your skills as a chiropractor, helping to progress and achieve your career goals. Working with a coach can help you strategise your career path, in addition to improving your communication skills, patient management and overall self-development.

Students and new graduates

The world of chiropractic can be daunting for students and new graduates, with politics and philosophies that can leave you conflicted. By choosing to work with a coach, you're taking a positive, proactive step to help you identify what matters most to you and help you achieve your goals faster than if you were going it alone.